About us

Customized and personalized, unique and original engraved products are what we are all about! Creating useful and beautiful designed images or logos with high quality and reasonable prices. 
We're Tim & Nan Doolittle, owners of an online engraving business located in beautiful Westfield, NY on Lake Erie. Being surrounded in nature has instilled in us a desire to share a huge range of products sourced naturally from our property along with traditional glassware. It's a thrill creating unusual and creative engraved items for customers, selling and shipping coast to coast. We wholesale to large businesses and gift shops that sell our engraved glasses and rocks, and are always looking to expand our market. Our laser engraver enables us to compete for industrial and commercial engraved signage and beyond. Custom design images/company logo/personalized requests are sandblasted or laser engraved depending on what type item is requested. Rocks/stone are sandblasted and a laser engraver is used on wood, metal, plastic as well as all glassware of any kind. Wholesale price is available for large corporate events, weddings, graduation/reunion commemorative engravings with pricing subject to type glass and engraving image. Memorial rocks for loved one or pets, wedding party gifts, trophies, garden rocks, or the popular coordinate engravings of latitude and longitude for a specific place is always a big hit!
Contact us and we will help make your idea a reality, your gift a memorable one, and your smile from ear to ear!