About us

We are Tim & Nan Doolittle, owners of a small business located in Western New York, who have discovered a real passion for creating unusual and creative engraved items for customers. We wholesale to some large companies that sell our engraved glasses and rocks, but we also sell online and are looking to expand our market. The new laser engraver we purchased enables us to compete for industrial and commercial engraved signage and beyond. Custom design images/company logo/personalized requests are sandblasted or laser engraved on multiple media. Rocks/stone, wood, metal, plastic, recycled/recreated bottles, various glass products ( rock tumbler glasses, pints, beer, coffee mugs, wine glasses, flasks, growlers) Wholesale available for large corporate events, graduation/reunion commemorative engravings, memorial rocks for loved one or pets, wedding party gifts, trophies, garden rocks, or the popular coordinate engravings of latitude and longitude for a specific location. Contact us to see how we can promote your business through our engravings.

 We believe our innovative ideas for recreating that which others discard is helping, in even a small way, to keep our world for the next generation a little bit better. We love it when our customers feel the same!

​We strongly believe that all consumers and shop owners should always try to source purchases LOCALLY. Knowing who made an item is vitally important to all small business owners everywhere. If you walk in a gift shop and are dazzled by colors and bling, turn over that item and see where it is made. Whenever possible, supporting American workers products does make a difference within your own community.

We also strongly believe in our ideas to RECYCLE, REUSE, & RECREATE! Turning ordinary glass or rocks into high quality, useful and absolutely unique products is our passion. Let us create something for you too!